Doublehead is Shaun Oster.

I’m just a guy that loves to create stuff. Studied jazz drumset in college. Studied architectural drafting (only because I like to draw). Cheffed professionally. Whether im writing music, drawing, playing live jazz, 3d modeling inventions, cooking or enjoying the company of others, time just seems to disappear. Whatever reaction you have to my music, you are welcome to it.

I’ve studied drums with some beautiful people, most importantly I want to mention Mark Craney. His calm wisdom lifted my musical understanding and grace. May he rest in peace, Love you Mark.

Ron Anderson has been taught me to understand my voice and how to use it properly. Ron has a unique understanding of how to sing to my full potential, while strengthening my voice (as opposed to damaging it.) His approach really helped me to find my own sound.
I could not ask for a better teacher!


Bruce Winter is a phenomenal engineer/producer who puts more then just his skilled ear on the line with my music, he puts his heart all the way into it. I would never have been inspired to make this music happen without his influence and encouragement.


Thanks for stopping by!

(Photo by Jeffrey Bloom)