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Let’s start off the conversation with a reflection on today’s formula for music sales.

In the past (before iTunes etc.), there was a whole massive team of people required to produce a physical record. From design, to packaging, to distribution, etc.

One could almost say the record companies had a significant job to do to “justify” their taking most of the profit from the artists.

But now, none of that happens. For the actual product, they have absolutely nothing unique to offer – just marketing and promotion. iTunes is just a server – a hard drive sitting in space making free money off of us. It serves no complex service other than a marketing platform. When a customer buys an artists’ album, iTunes takes the contact info, a cut of the money, and shares only what they want.

Does this seem right in today’s modern age? HELL NO! Mind you a premium for marketing is one thing, but stealing access to communicate directly with your customers? That’s no longer justified.

I WILL put my album on iTunes, etc. But It will be full price and missing key songs. Songs that will always be here on my site, for free, with the rest of the album.

My hope is that this will encourage people to support artists directly.



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