I was just singing songs from my upcoming album on my wife’s piano (currently residing in her parent’s garage). At the end of my self-serenade I was struck with a unique sense of gratitude. Ask yourself this: at the time that the majority of books on wisdom, faith, magic, and idealism were written, how many of the things you can now observe (RIGHT NOW IN YOUR ROOM) would have been considered miracles? The phone? The computer? Your house? Light? Heat? Your teeth? Your glasses? Your refrigerator? Your toilet? Your shower? I can keep going all day. Point being, you are surrounded by fricking miracles. IMG_0398

I was reading news this morning and it was basically saying that everyone on the planet is unhappy. Nowhere is safe, everyone is corrupt, and the planet is going to eat us for breakfast. Everyone has something you want and will never get unless you are ruthless.

Which viewpoint do you think will serve life, spirituality, and the organism known as the Earth? That? Or that we are surrounded by miracles and can use gratitude to increase our compassion for all of life? I don’t want to blame or persecute anyone anymore, I want to remind them that we are surrounded with miracles and watch the unhappiness that fuels them fade away.

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