Change is beautiful.

As I played jazz tonight, I observed myself having learned from watching Brian Blade. With combination of what I had witnessed in Brian and a deep conversation with one of my musical gurus and great friend Mark Portmann, I began to listen to each note of the soloist like it was the first time I had ever heard music, while smiling brightly. Wow. That really adds beauty to everyone’s efforts. Everyone want’s to be appreciated, and everyone deserves it for trying to express themselves alone – how can that not be beautiful? Not only does it bypass judgement, it creates so much beauty that judging is absurd.

And on another note.. drum roll please….
I just sent off my first album for printing. As soon as I finish with the publishing details Ill upload it to iTunes etc. So exciting! If you are not aware, this album has been my main focus for the last 4 years. Making this album has been my dream. And I finally fricken made it happen! So grateful to all of the people that gave themselves to this. The truth is, if you believe in yourself, and are willing to accept weaknesses about your artistry and improve/reinvent it on a daily basis, nothing can hold you back. Regardless of anyone’s reaction to my art, I did it with authenticity and am speechless with gratitude when I listen to it.

Thank you for being part of this!


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