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Welcome to my very first post. And welcome to my site!

If you don’t know me, my name is Shaun. I’m one of the passionate artist-type of Dionysian life-livers; That is to say I love to take the simple things in life to their fullest capacity and recognize them as the art of living.shauninclouds444

For example, I roast my own coffee beans every 2-3 days to make my latte’s, which I pull through a manual lever machine. Sometimes the coffee is so good, I feel a sense of infinite gratitude and satisfaction. I bake my own bread/bagels/pizza. I play jazz drumset and practice with the intention of finding weakness and nurturing it into strength. I program websites (like this.) I invent sustainable gardening devices. I even wrote a cookbook. I think I am some kind of cross of OCD, ADD, and creative schizophrenic, or you could call me a “renaissance man,” hehehe.

But what most people don’t know about me is that singing is my hidden passion. Mind you nothing can replace drums, they are the voice of the heart and a reflection of its beat, but vocals are something completely different. All art is a window into the heart of the artist, but singing carries a greater vulnerability – which in turn creates more emotion and movement. Doing both together is a divine experience for me. After I laid the drum tracks for my upcoming EP, singing over my own drumming was so amazing – so tailored to what I wanted to hear.

So, Fly is the first song of my upcoming EP “Infinity = 1”. Produced and recorded by Bruce Winter. He also did some of the guitar and all of the backup vocals. 6-7 more will be released at the end of this month to complete the first EP.

This is independent music, so your support is priceless. Even just as simple as subscribing to this blog. Ill send track download links, announce streaming live performances etc.



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