Massive Change

Hello out there! To anyone that is listening, watching.
Wow, it’s been a journey since I last wrote.
My VR app has close to 20k downloads. Grateful for that!
I’m working on my next 2 albums. One will be what you are expecting. The other will be very different… hehe.

I’m a single dad! Last thing on Earth I ever expected in this lifetime. Separated for a year. (Just in case you might wonder where I’ve been, ha!) So much loss this year, yet so much growth. Focused on my kid, my happiness, and writing a shit-ton of heartfelt music.

Meet me in VR! I’m doublehead on oculus. Happy to jump into the new Facebook VR spaces, recroom, or Vtime if you dont have good VR.

I leave you for a moment with a lyric of one of my upcoming songs:

Furthermore here is a pre-production copy of the song:

Enjoy! It will only get better with production 😉


I can.

Let go.

Of my…


I have…

Learned to…

Love myself



Love, love , love, love you every day.


Love, love , love, love you every way.


Love, love , love, love me every day.


Love, love , love, love me every way.

Life is…

Not your…


It’s just changing



to love



I’m changing (3x)

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