Coffee, thoughts.

Roasted allot of Christmas Coffee for Friends today!
The zen of roasting is making me crave a little poetic expression:
A big topic today was authority. This is a HUGE aspect of understanding drumset, cooking, really most art, but I can identify through those two well. Now, unlike drumming, my cooking came so naturally because I had no expectations. So, that is to say I believe that is the natural artistic progression: from a student seeking familiarity, to authority, to blissful non-expectation.
So, the question remains, how do we achieve the state of authority, so we can move on to this final state where we stop judging others (following which we stop judging ourselves)?

I coffeeroastcan only speak for how it happened with my drumming. Part of it was anger. I used anger to stop my self-doubting thoughts. But what I truly feel brought about my sense of authority was the patience to slow down. I take each rudiment (and will until the day I die) and slow them down to identify any single stroke that is not authoritative. And when I find it (within a few seconds usually hahaha) I calmly, patiently caress it into familiarity, then authority. Once you have a good enough grasp on any language to have an authoritative vocabulary, you can then speak without prejudging your grammar – blissful non-expectation. Same goes for music and improvisation.

Does anyone else have an experience they can share about how they found their sense of authority and what it means to them?

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