Doublehead is Shaun Oster.

Shaun is a drummer, singer, composer. He studied music at Calarts, and now teaches drumset privately.

Shaun’s music is not intended to be modeled after a style, it’s just what came out.

Shaun is now going to stop pretending someone else wrote this, because I’m fricken writing it. Hi! This is my site (I built it by hand), representing the music I have been composing for the last 10 years, but most recently the last 3 years since I began to study vocals. This music is all from my heart, and has brought me more happiness then can be measured. In contrary to many posts and articles about Bjork (whom I ADORE) I did actually create the world’s first virtual record for Oculus Rift DK2. A very humble effort with no support, entirely out of pocket going off some insane creativity. With pretty much zero resources other than a vision of gifting my music and ideas to to world. It is becoming a bit dated, and is very much time to update it with some new creativity, as soon as I can gather some resources, and if I am so lucky help from other like minded people.  It’s my honor to begin sharing these musical stories with you. 1 down, 30 to go…

I’ve studied drums with some beautiful people, most importantly I want to mention Mark Craney. His calm wisdom lifted my musical understanding and grace. May he rest in peace, Love you Mark.

Study drums with Shaun Oster at www.sbdrum.com

Ron Anderson has been teaching me to understand my voice and how to use it properly. Ron has a unique understanding of how to sing to my full potential, while strengthening my voice (as opposed to damaging it.) His approach really helped me to find my own sound.
I could not ask for a better teacher!


Bruce Winter is a phenomenal engineer/producer who puts more then just his skilled ear on the line with my music, he puts his heart all the way into it. I would never have been inspired to make this music happen without his influence and encouragement.


So this music is me – believing in my own ideas, and recording them passionately, free of all fears and influences. I am grateful that you have taken the time to come here and listen!

(Photo by Jeffrey Bloom)

The name ∞=1 represents my belief that each of us are just another head on the same body.
Our differences are the ingredients to finding purpose,
but the body we are attached to, which feels the sense of “I” is common to us all.


Study drums with Shaun Oster at www.sbdrum.com